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coming to a town near you

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Let me know boys, if ya need a hand wrenching, 22 year old daughters or sisters entertained, or the like

Mon 10/08/07 San Diego, CA
Wed 10/10/07 San Francisco, CA
Thu 10/11/07 Beverly Hills, CA
Sun 10/14/07 Dallas, TX
Tue 10/16/07 Boulder, CO
Thu 10/18/07 Minneapolis, MN
Fri 10/19/07 Chicago, IL
Mon 10/22/07 Detroit, MI
Tue 10/23/07 Toronto, ON
Thu 10/25/07 Washington, DC
Sun 10/28/07 Nashville, TN
Mon 10/29/07 Atlanta, GA
Wed 10/31/07 Miami, FL
Sat 11/03/07 New York, NY
Sat 11/10/07 Philadelphia, PA
Sun 11/11/07 Boston, MA
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Looks like a heckuva trip? What are you doing?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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