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Im gearing up to swap my 08 axle into my 02 truck.

The panhard and drag link are slightly bent. I figured I would replace them. Was also going to go through the axle, and replace BJ's, seals and wheelbearings if needed.

The axle is out, work on it is easy now. What upgrades are considered must haves? Anyone changed out to DOM tierod and drag links with tube inserts and just reamed steering arms as necessary? Wondering if that might not be simpler and cheaper in the long run.

For a stock height, DD and tow rig, is it really worth the no spin stuff? Ive got 150K on my D50 unit bearings, thats not terrible for a 250 dollar part. They dont seem to fail at the rate we are led to believe unles you are beating on it off road.

Just trying to figure out what the recent concesus is on these front ends.
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