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Classic original 1960s HOBIE Super Surfer skateboard vintage rare collectible board.
great condition..original trucks, original wheels that spin great with all the sinlge bearings in and moving freely...all 4 wheels spin great ..
Looking for $300...possible trades..

A little history..

In 1964, surf legend Hobie Alter teamed up with the Vita-Pakt Juice company to create Hobie Skateboards and their first skateboard the 'Hobie Super Surfer'.

The Super Surfer has clay wheels, The wheels were called clay wheels but they were made out of a crushed walnut shell composite.
The center anchor screw, on each wheel truck assembly, could be loosened by using a large blade-style screwdriver, and the turning radius, meaning the turn-diameter could be reduced so that low-speed, sharper turns could be facilitated. For long fast hills, you would tighten this screw down snug, to avoid losing control by loose 'wobbily-steering' on a fast downhill run.
The Hobie could do what no other skateboard could do, could carve big turns and do things never thought possible on a skateboard.
It is a part of skateboard history and one of the very first production skateboards.

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