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Check Yo' Brakes!

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I heard this elswhere but dismissed it as urban legend, but then time came for new brakes and Shazam! 2 MPG! My brakes were dragging.

Apparently these sintered metallic brakes we use corrode on the ends and swell as they do so. Once they swell beyond the normal clearance, they drag. MPG and other performace is degraded. And the brakes get hot.

A little file work will bring the pad ends back where they belong, I am told.
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Thanks for the info Dave!! I looked into mine over the weekend and got it apart my slide pins were stuck like you wouldn't believe. I got new ones, cleaned out the holes in the brackets, greased it up, rotors turned and new pads and boy does she stop smooth for now. I hope this increases my mileage some. Thanks again.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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