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Cheap lift

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I just wanted to share with you guys how I got a little bit of lift out of my F250 for under $200. Since I was in the market for new shocks because all but one of mine were shot when I bought it I decided to use Monroe load adj shocks on the rear and front, these are the shocks with the spring over them. The rears are p/n 58604 they are a direct replacement shock, pretty straight forward. the fronts I used are p/n 58633. I think they are meant to be used one a navigator, but I used Monroe's catalog and transfer the stock shock dimensions to the load adj ones, the upper and lower mounts are exactly the same as a stock shock, the compressed/extended/travel dimensions are all 1/4 in greater that stock. I installed them and gained just under 2 in and clear 285/75/16 AT's with no rubbing on a stock F250. You have to get creative when installing them lol but I got them in by myself in a few house with a little bit of ******* ingenuity, vise grips and a bag of beefy zip ties lol. Any questions just ask.
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can you post pics? what did you have to do to make them work?
Problem is the shock mounts ared not engineered to be load bearing.

My 285s clear without rubbing with stock springs. You probably have sagging springs and at a minumum, need Add-A-Leafs or fresh replacement springs.
Problem is the shock mounts ared not engineered to be load bearing.
Yeah, basically this.
umm, what were the "beefy" zip ties for?
Probably to keep them compressed at the right length long enough to slide the bolt through the eyes.
I could understand this working if you beefed up the mounts or were using bigger springs in conjunction with it. But on their own...this is a recipe for disaster.
Sorry, I've been out of town for a bit and not online, the beefy zip ties were what I used to compress the spring, it was Christmas and I had the truck apart and had to get it back together and nothing was open so I had to get creative. Whether or not its putting too much load on the mounts I don't know, nothing has broken yet.
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