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Chase Awards $150,000

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My name is Vivian and I am with Quick Tricks Auto. I don't post often but I know some of the members and ....

I want to tell you guys about an amazing opportunity that we, at Quick Tricks, are thankful to be a part of.

Chase is awarding $150,000 to (20) small businesses. We need your votes and if possible, spouses, children, parents .... Anybody with a phone or computer.

Go to Chase Mission Main Street Grants

Choose: Vote for your favorite business

Enter: Quick Tricks Auto 33186

That will take you to a new page to VOTE.

I don't expect those who don't know me or have not worked with us to vote but I want the people we have worked with to know.

It takes just a few minutes. We Thank You in advance and as always, appreciate your business. The Quick Tricks Team
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