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June 9th is the set date for the pull at the Cass County Fairgrounds in Virginia. It will start at noon. There are no antiques this year since they are pulling during the actual county fair. Tractors will pull first, followed by gas trucks, then diesel trucks. There will be 3 gas truck classes (factory, super stock, and modified). Diesel truck classes will consist of workstock, 2.6, and open (pending enough to accomodate an open class).
-UPA (United Pullers of America) will be sanctioning 4 tractor classes and they are....
9500# and 10,000# Pro Farm
11,000# and 12,000# Farm Stock
-These will be followed by 2 local classes (no sanctioned tractors) which will be 12,000# and 15,000# open.

-Admission will be $10 for adults, $5 for 10 and under, kids under 5 are free.

-Beer will be provided by A. Gaudio & Sons. Please note that if you bring a cooler it will be $10/cooler and must be labeled as paid/checked in upon arrival. NO glass bottles allowed. Be honest with us, don't be sneaky, and everybody will have a good time. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED HEAVILY. There will also be no lupoles with this rule. Example- If you bring beer by itself with no cooler, there will still be a charge. *There will also be food vendors present.*
If you have any questions feel free to call (217)370-4045. Please leave a message If I don't answer.


-Factory gas (7000lb limit)-
1 Stock cubic inch up to 496 for newer gm 8.1L
2 Driver must have valid driver's license and show proof of insurance.
3 Must be "daily driven" meaning street legal and all lights/equipment working properly and in place.
4 Must have OEM intake and exhaust manifolds. Exhaust must exit from rear of cab at minimum.
5 Truck must retain factory suspension (1 ton or smaller axle). Rear can be blocked but must be removable.
6 Production 4x4 frame
7 26" maximum hitch height
8 Hitch must be mounted to the rear of frame rails, no mid mount hitches, no structures from hitch to axle. Must be removable "Reese" style hitch and secured with a pin.
9 Hook point must be horizontal and behind frame rails with 3.5" hole but no thicker than 1.5" x 1.5" at hook point.
10 Kill switch is highly recommended for safety reasons.
11 D.O.T 38" max unaltered tire size
12 Factory engine, stock ignition, and no aftermarket ignition control
13 Must retain factory wheelbase and track width
14 No front weight bars allowed. However, ballast may be added but must be in secure location.
15 Traction bars allowed
16 Drive shaft loops at axle ends of both driveshafts highly recommended.
17 Must retain stock fuel tank
18 No cutting or gutting
19. Aftermarket/Performance fuel pumps allowed but limited to 3/8'' line from outlet of pump forward.

-Super Stock Gas (6500)-
1 OEM block and heads
2 OEM drivetrain in factory location
3 No sheet metal intakes
4 500 cubic inch max
5 Draw bar or Reese style hitch no less than 43" from center of axle
6 Exhaust outlet no bigger than one 3" outlet on each side
7 Hitch height 26" max. Must be rigid in all directions and no supports to rear axle
8 D.O.T 35x12.50 tires max no cutting
9 Weight not to extend more than 60" from center of front axle
10 No duals
11 No cutting or gutting of trucks
12 Fuel cells allowed secured in bed of truck
13 Battery must be in factory location
14 No 100% allowed
15 Must have rear leaf springs
16 No nitrous
17 133" wheelbase max
18 133-140" wheelbase must lose 2" hitch height or 200 lbs
19 over 140" wheelbase must lose 2" and 200 lbs

1 Must have u-joint shields at u-joints and driveshaft loops
2 Must have complete firewall and floorboards
3 No fuel cells or batteries in cab
4 Must have fire extinguisher within easy reach of driver

-Modified Gas (6500)-

1. Engine must match make of vehicle
2. Naturally aspirated, no alcohol or nitrous
3. Electric fans and water pump allowed
4. Open headers allowed pointed down and back
5. 26" hitch height mounted rigid
6. No mid mount hitches ( no hook points forward from the center of the rear axle, actual hook point 3 x 3.75 horizontal with 1.5 x 1.5 max thickness at hook point)
7. Hitch length 33% of wheelbase length measured from the center of rear axle back
8. D.O.T approved tires no bigger than 35 x 12.50 or 33 x 15.50 and 18" max wheel diameter
9. Total weight bar distance is 60" measured from the center line of front axle to the furthest object in front of the truck
10. Traction bars and rear suspension may be permanently fixed
11. Drive train must be no greater than factory one ton
12. Must have functioning brake system
13. Cutting and gutting allowed but the bed must be covered by tonneau cover or bed liner
14. Full size flatbeds are allowed
15. Rear tires must track at least half of front tire
16. No aluminum heads


1. Must have S.F.I. approved bell-housing or blanket
2. Must have S.F.I. approved steel flywheel and harmonic balancer
3. Must have kill switch near hook point
5. Must have driveshaft loops and u-joint shields at all u-joints
6. Must have firewall and floorboards. Discretion of tech committee applies
7. No fuel cells or batteries in cab, may be in bed or out front ( not past weights)
8. Must have accessible fire extinguisher for driver

-Work Stock Diesel (8300 lbs)-

1. Work Stock class is designed for daily driven, full bodied, on the road diesel pickup trucks. Driver must have valid driver's license and proof of insurance.
2. 35" max tire size
3. 8,300 lbs with a 50 lb grace, weight is with driver.
5. Batteries must be securely mounted, and may not be located in driver compartment or forward of the radiatior core support.
6. Body must be the OEM truck body, and must retain full sheet metal, fiberglass is prohibited.
7. Bumpers may not be filled with lead, concrete, or any type of ballast, with both bumpers in tact, and 1/4" inspection hole in them.
8. Must retain full OEM chassis, wheel tubs, tube chassis, ect. are prohibited...
9. Radiators must be in stock location and at least stock size.
10. The OEM restraint system is mandatory and must be worn.
11. The engine must be stock appearing (turbos from different years in the same make may be interchanged. 6.4 liter powerstroke engines may utilize the factory compound turbo configuration. Lift pumps and regulated return kits allowed. Nitrous oxide and propane injection prohibited!
12. No hood stacks!!!
13. Fuel must be pump #1/#2 diesel only, Soy/Bio-diesel fuel is permitted
14. The fuel injection pump is limited to a stock appearing, OEM engine model specific pump only. The use of multiple high pressure common rail CP3's is prohibited. Powerstroke engines with a single turbo may utilize a 2nd high pressure oil pump.
15. The hitch must be a receiver style hitch, reinforcements are permitted. Reinforcements must not extend forward of the centerline of the rear axle. Trick hitches are prohibited. 26" hitch height and must have minimum of 3.5" clevis opening for the sled hook.
16. Hand throttles are Prohibited. Must have a complete interior
17. Rear axle must have been an option on a one ton or smaller pick up.
18. No front traction bars.
19. Traction bars in the rear and extended bump stops on rear is allowed, must retain a minimum of 1" of shock travel.
20. Duals allowed, must be DOT street tires, no cut tires.
21. Wheelbase must retain the original factory wheelbase and track width.
22. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to have drive shaft loops and u-joint shields at front and rear pinions.
23. No adjustments allowed in the pit once the truck passes tech inspection/weigh-in. If it is suspected that a driver has done so, it will have to pass tech again before pulling. NO EXCEPTIONS

-2.6 Class (8,000 lbs)-

1. Front hanging weights are allowed, not to exceed 60 inches forward of the center of the front axle. Will be measured from center of front wheels to end of weight assembly. If weight is added to the bed it MUST be mounted and secured.
2. Four wheel hydraulic brakes are mandatory.
3. OEM chassis is mandatory.
4. Radiators must be in the stock location and be of at least stock size.
5. OEM transmission and transfer case are mandatory. Must have been an option in one ton or smaller pickup.
12. Rear Ends must have been in a 1 ton or smaller pick up.
13. Front and Rear Traction Bars are Allowed.
14. Blocked suspension allowed.
6. OEM restraint system is mandatory and must be worn.
7. Must have rear drive shaft loops. If front u-joint is visible, it must have one there as well
8. Engine and transmission can be interchanged between Dodge, Ford, and GM as long as they came in a 1 ton truck or less from the factory.
9. Must have two 3/8 inch diameter bolts placed through the exhaust pipe in a cross pattern one inch of the other. Also must be within 12" of the turbo.
10. Exhaust is preferred to be directed upward (safety) but is not mandatory.
10. Fuel Injection Pumps must be stock appearing. The use of multiple high pressure common rail CP3's is legal. Powerstrokes may utilize a 2nd HPOP. Ag governor p-pumps are allowed.
11. Nitrous and Propane are Prohibited.
15. DOT street tires. Cut tires are prohibited. Duals allowed. 35" max tire size.
16. Bell housing blankets are RECOMMENDED.
17. The vehicle is limited to a 2.6 inducer bore single turbocharger. The inlet will be measured using a 2.65 inch plug and it must not be able to enter the inducer bore. Bushing must be within 1" of wheel. The vehicle driver will be responsible for making compressor wheel accessible for tech official(s) to measure bore and be able to inspect compressor wheel. 6.4 Fords can run factory appearing compounds.
18. Water injection systems are allowed.
19. Air to water intercoolers are allowed.
20. The vehicle must retain the original factory wheelbase and track width.
21. Hitch must be receiver style (Reese). Bracing is allowed but nothing passed the center line of the axle. No part connected to axle (no trick hitch). Hook point must be a minimum of 44'' behind center line of axle. Max height of 26'' for 4 wheel drive, 30'' for 2 wheel drive. Should be adjustable.
22. No adjustments allowed in the pit once the truck passes tech inspection/weigh-in. If it is suspected that a driver has done so, it will have to pass tech again before pulling. NO EXCEPTIONS
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