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Well I picked up an old case Beloit skidder for $800 that runs and drive, has good oil pressure and everything works but its got a few issues.

First and most major issue! When its warm and in the higher rpm range it leaks engine oil and leaves a stream of it on the ground. I cant tell for sure where its coming from but I believe its coming out the dipstick tube or around the oil cooler/front of the blower. It has no water in oil or oil in water and so far has not consumed any coolant. It fires right off and runs good. What might be causing this?

Second issue, may be related or not, but once it begins to warm up the idle creeps up a little but if I lean on the accelerator pedal it pulls the idle back down and when I say lean, not pull up on it but press it down like I'm giving it more throttle.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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