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Can't decide on a lift

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Hey guys I was on here before asking about lift hight regulations and thanks for the info, I decided to go 38s but I can't decide between an 8 inch lift or a 6 inch lift with 1.5 inch coil spacers, if the 6 and spacers will give me the same look as an 8 and wheel well space then I'll go with that, anyone got an idea? Or the same lift I could see. It's a lot cheaper then the 8 and if it'll look the same I can't see why not
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Depends on what you want to do with it. If I had it to do over again I wouldnt have gotten a 6" with 37". I pull a lot and it really changes the characteristics of the vehicle. If it's just concrete bling yah 6" with 37" would be good. 38" are stupid expensive.
I like how my 6" zone lift sits with my 37" Nitto trail grapplers.
However, I did have to do some trimming up front. Full turn did rub a little, I wish I had another 1" of lift.
Hey thanks guys, I was just really wondering if the half inch would make a big difference in looks, I want the look of a jacked up high truck. 7.5 inch lift with 38s
I have a bunch of pictures I can email you...just PM me.
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