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can somebody school me on injectors?

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i sorta have some sense but some other questions
i understand that unlike dmax and cummins that powerstroke injectors are on the heui systema and are actuated by oil pressure correct?

so when you buy aftermarket injectors how do you know what you want?
i always thought single shots were suppose to be better and could be run without big oil
but then i see people run big oil and split shots?
so whats the pros and cons from split to single?
i am just sitting here scratching my head? (alot different from my old 12 valve)

i aint lookin at anything anytime sooner (and for sure not until i get this trans swap thing figured out)
but the education would be nice!;)
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Not an expert by any means, but this is what I understand.
Single shots will be more efficient, but a bit noisier.
Splits are quieter , while taking a little more oil to run.

Far as picking one, choose a vendor, tell them the hp/tq numbers you are looking for, and what your using the truck for , and they should recomend a good one for you. Depends on your turbo, oil, and driving conditions I believe. Depending on how much hp you are looking for , and how picky you are about noise the splits work great.
Mine were no noisier than stock, made good power without big oil, even better with big oil, got about the same mileage , maybe a little better once the oil was there.
Gonna find out how singles run here directly!
Not much, but its about all the info I have. Other than understanding how they work, I've only owned two sets, stock, and BDP stage two splits. The bigger ones def made it more fun to drive/ tow with !
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