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Calif. diesel pickup smogtest & inspection '08

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In another thread regarding CCV mods, a member (Howie) brought up some concerned about upcoming new diesel engine smog testing and inspections.

The tests and inspections would be mandated by the State of California, on a biennial basis, retroactive to earlier model diesels (even those without DPFs when mfr'd).

The proposed testing and inspection specfically identifies light duty pickups owned by private individuals, not just agencies and fleets, not just medium duty trucks that are commercially used.

Vehicle registration renewals, as well as vehicle title transfers, would first require passing the BAR developed test and inspection, similar to what gasoline fueled vehicles are already subject to.

Under current law, diesel powered pickups under 14,000 gvwr have been exempt.

Under the new proposed law, Assembly Bill 1488, authored by State Assemblyman Tom Mendoza of California, this is about to change.

The bill has already passed in the Assembly after 3 rounds of revisions, and is currently (as of last Thursday, September 6, 2007) under committee hearing in the State Senate.

There are several more steps prior to this bill being codified into law, since it has yet to be voted on before the Senate. Therefore, now would be the time to offer whatever input or insight you might have to the Senator of your District.

It is improbable that your elected representative would have much sympathy for your desire to run a hot chip.

However, to the extent that passing or failing a future emissions test would present an unpredictable and sudden economic hardship on a contractor who requires his or her truck to make a living, cannot afford a new truck, and as a non-expert could not predict how the stock vehicle in stock trim would perform under testing that had not yet even been devised at the time the vehicle was engineered, manufactured, purchased, and placed into service... you may then have a case worth hearing.

What is currently proposed is a "study" test period for two years, from 2009 through 2011, with the goal of full implementation of the testing and inspection program in force by 2012.

Here are some links to give you some background information on AB1488 and it's progress this year through the California legislative system:

If you do have any input, the time to say it is now, to your State Senator, because it won't do any good to say it to the clerk at the counter of the DMV two years from now.

I'd have posted this information in the other thread, where this topic was first raised, but since the other thread was really about CCV mods, I didn't want to clutter that topic.

I personally am delighted that diesel emissions are being cleaned up. I always hated to be stuck driving behind diesel city buses spewing out black smoke... and to top it off only one or two passengers would be inside. A van or an airporter type vehicle would cost less to acquire, less to maintain, and less to fuel up for lightly travelled bus routes. Well, thankfully some cities are finally doing that, and it's great.

But not everyone lives in the city. And not everyone can afford a new truck every five years. And not everyone can stand to have big brother poking around under their hoods, in their cabs, and in their livelihoods.

While we all share the same air, city or country, and we all have to cooperate together to protect that air, we must also look realistically on exactly who is polluting that air most, and what is being done about that.

When big business can literally buy "pollution credits" as perfectly acceptable "mitigation factors" so that they can continue to pollute as before, that doesn't make our air any cleaner. That only makes state budgets swell larger. And those swelled budgets pay salaries to cubicle bound bureacrats that often lack a sense of balance that some broader life experience might have otherwise afforded them.

And it is balance that must be considered here, when creating regulations such as what AB1488 proposes. Perhaps, with the study period and phase in, that balance has been adequately acheived. What do you think about it?

Read up on it, using the handy and comprehensive links I provided above, and after reading, post up what you think (and what you'll do, if anything).
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The nation usually follows California so what goes here eventually goes in other states or federal.

I would say that the most likely solution if we have to go to a sniffer is to get the tuners to put together a smog check tune. I will definitely be looking at an F5 now as having lived in Cali all my life I would bet nothing will stop this. Nothing but the junk science and emotions supplied by the California Eco nuts matter out here in Cali.
After reading these its obvious what the pilot program is. They are going to be collecting data to support permanent smog checks, or mandated older diesel upgrades, or worse the banning of our trucks all together. I know those scenarios sound extreme and unlikely but remember this is California where we now have a politician asking for Fast Food restaurants bans in LA because certain neighborhoods have a high rate of obesity.

Arnold needs to get off his @$$ and get the alternative fueling station program moving. If I could get Bio-diesel regularly I would. I know if these smog check pilot program goes into effect I will be looking for that smog check program from Jody and a full tank of B100. Now if that will help is a different story.
I have lived in Cali all my life and have fought the pre-78 car crush initiatives several times. I fully understand. I have also been here long enough to remember summers when the smog was so bad we spent most of the day inside, and even the nights. We lived about 2 miles from the hills and Glendora(east LA county) air quality was so bad we could not see them. Times have changed dramatically and an area that used to see serious smog alerts every day all summer long rarely sees them anymore. The air quality is SIGNIFICANTLY better than it was in the 70s and 80s.

With 237K on my truck and what I assume are the original injectors I am definatlely seeing the effects of miles. I suspect that the ULSD has accelerated the damage because last year I hardly smoked unless I wanted to, now even with the bigger turbo I smoke almost constantly.

IMHO Bio-diesel is the only viable solution at this time, that is if they can actually get it to us. This does exclude the new trucks tho. There is no good solution and I am really getting tired after so many years fighting stupid legislation that would have little to no effect.
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I say time to move CA is a crap hole any way:lame:
Yeah SoCal is such a horrible place to live, sunny all year round, beaches, mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes, good food, good entertainment, ....... The only thing I can give people about Cali being bad is the traffic, but I have a 50 mile one way commute on a major freeway in San Diego and I can still get to work in less than an hour. BTW 10 of the miles are on side streets. The only reason I would leave Cali is if I had to.

Most people who say Cali sucks have never been here or at the least have only seen LA.
Thinking about this last night made me wonder more about Bio. I know I have seen studies that show even B20 reduces the emissions of a light duty diesel truck. Luckily for us 7.3L guys our mill loves the bio and even the SVO. So does anyone have a source of a real study that shows the amounts that running bio or SVO reduce emissions over straight diesel? I have been wanting to go to SVO or homemade bio for a while with the uncertaintity of ULSD quality and the cost of pump diesel. This could be the thing that pushes me to actually do something.

Need to look into a big fuel tank for the bed.
Probably make more beer, then drink it! :D

Actually the extra time is me time on the bike, and the scenery between San Diego and Winchester is pretty nice. I have done worse, used to live in Costa Mesa and worked in Agoura Hills, 80 miles one way thru downtown LA. Friday night coming home could be 4 hours. That sucked. But when I got home I was in Costa Mesa so.....

The only reason we are where we are is because of the location and the schools. The boy is in a charter home school program, we live in a huge brand new house in a really nice neighborhood near a 17,000 acre nature preserve between two lakes. Plus from my front door I am less than 10 miles from 20 wineries. Thats just the beginning. :D

California really isn't as bad as many people make it out to be, even with the politicians we have.
I don't like horses. :poke:

When it comes down to it I just prefer living here. It really isn't as bad as people make it out to be, and most people ignore the good points. Where we are you do need to like the desert and heat tho. In a few years we are hoping to move closer to the coast.
Who you calling a treehugger?
You're just jealous cause your from the hills. :swordfight:
I had a friend who lived in Eureka. He took me to a bar up by Humbolt state one time. When we got there it was full of hippies, smelling hippies, then at like 5 the placed completely empty for like 30 minutes, and by 6 it was full of ********. Weird.

I don't like the bay personally, way too many people.
You're probably right, it was 15 years ago so I probably got the times wrong.
Yeah most people don't realize how ******* Cali can be. All they see if LA, Hollywood, the Bay, and shows like The OC. Get outside the limits of these areas and its a whole different place.
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