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Cab out of alignment.

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Hello, I have a 2002 ford f250 7.3 and I recently swapped the motor. I had to jack the cab up about 7 inches to clear the pan… long story short I drop the cab back down and had trouble getting it to align the holes back up, after aligning bolt holes (atleast I thought) and started noticing small things wouldn’t fit my pass side boost tube is a bare to fit and it’s holding on by inches, my coolant bottle is centimeters from the fan. Shroud is off. I went to close my hood and I have severe passenger side hood overlap and major gap on driver side. I’ve tried pulling the cab with my Atv and it didn’t budge. Any ideas? Maybe racket strap to a tree?
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Sounds like you are missing some shims and or spacers.

You might need to talk to a body shop
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