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CA Gun People: Poor us

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Warning to the rest of the US: This may go national if you do nothing to combat it.

Today, Governor Arnold Shwarzeneggar signed both:




Why it's scary: Micro-stamping

Gun makers currently don't have a way to meet the CA requirements as laid out in these bills. So, they'll either have to re-tool to meet this new standard for guns sold in CA, adding a fairly hefty surcharge. Or, and this is what the real intent of this law is, they will not be able to sell their product in the state of CA....taking guns away from the people.

The biggest scary issue about the law, is being published in small print by the writers of the bill - ANY semi-auto hangun that is not "micro stamped" equipped after the law goes into effect cannot be transfered. It will be illegal to sell your old firearms so basically they die with you. That is just one step away from them confiscating all Pre-Microstamp guns saying that they are now "un-safe"

I should add once again - another law that will do absolutely nothing to stop crime or to make it easier for law enforcement to identify a hangun used - any criminal knows how to use a file to remove markings.
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They keep trying this and they keep trying that. Little by little they keep whittling away at our second Amendment rights.
If Hill & Bill or RockoBama (yes I know that's not his real name) come to be your next President you won't be able to own a squirt any state.
Join the N.R.A. get involved and stay informed of what the antigun nuts are up to. Could we really loose our guns? You betcha, it's already happened overseas.
I don't agree 100% with some of the N.R.A.s views but they are the best chance we have to keep the antis from stripping away our second Amendment rights.
Well said!
I think I'm more worried about your guard dog Arisley!
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