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Hey guys so I've been chasing a driveline clunk in my 97 F350 Single Cab 7.3, e4od . It clunks when I let off and get back onto gas, and jerks from park to drive and drive to reverse. But from dead stop doesn't clunk. Transfer case does work completely fine goes into 4x4 high and low and clunk happens in 2wd.

Trans was flushed and has new fluid and isn't low any bit.

I have replaced:
u joints
complete tight low mileage rearend
sway bar bushings
rear brake shoes drums and hardware
greased slip joint
Transmission joint

So while the truck is in the air and in neutral I grab the driveshaft and when rotating back and forth the tires spin and rearend doesn't clunk but seems to be clunking inside transfer case... I went to drain fluid( who knows when it changed I forgot to change when got truck a lil while back but clunk always been there.
I pulled the fill plug and then some dark dark fluid came out maybe a 1/8 quart but that it and then I pulled drain plug and it definitely needed changed it looked like coffee, but didn't have metal chunks in it...

I changed it out and still have clunk from middle of truck. and same clunk while in the air.

Thinking bout tearing into the case and rebuilding it but info on a rebuild on these 4407 are few and far between. If anyone has info or book recommendations or even company's that sell rebuild kits, anything will be helpful. Thanks
If t case isn't culprit then it has to be the trans and planned on building that also but rather work my way up to most expensive .
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