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Bullydog chip

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I have a 2000 7.3L, dually. The guy I bought it from, I think he is full of BS but he claims he had a friend who had the same truck and had the Bullydog chip and was getting 30mpg. Whatcha think full of sheet? I am driving from new york to southern georgia soon and then from georgia to seattle. Anybody know any good programers for around $400 that I can get good mileage and power from? If I can spend the money but save on diesel i'll get the programmer.
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NO 7.3 dually is going to get 30 mpg period. just about any name brand tuner will get some economy increase. much over 10% is hopeful thinking
i call bs. my srw 03 gets 12-15mpg with a bullydog chip. no way in hell is any 7.3 getting 30mpg
I figured that, my duramax was getting almost 24 but that was a srw
I'm getting about 17 with a php Chip on 80 performance. Srw on stock tires
He probably was reading his onboard fuel computer. Using a chip really messes up the milage readings compared to calculated figures.
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