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I never got around to installing the cold weather package for my BPD oil system. I ordered it after I had the kit installed because I was told it would never get cold enough where I live. I found that not to be true, but I ended up selling my 6.0 before I had a chance to install it. All items are in the original packaging and have not been opened. This was for a 2004 6.0.

For any of you that opted not to get the cold weather package and have decided to get one, then I have a good deal for you. The package is $350.00 from BPD and I am letting this go for $250.00 and you pay shipping. Click on the link below and you can verify the price and getting $100 off the original price.

You can call me at 601-966-1891 or email me at this link: BPD Cold Weather Package

Cold Weather Package Bullet Proof Diesel Oil Cooler

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