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BTS Big oil setup with ~6K miles on it

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Well I have an almost brand new BTS Big oilsetup for sale. The kit has about 6K miles on it.

Love the setup just need more room under the hood. My change is your bennifit. I want 2200 for the kit. I'll throw my fuel bowl into the mix as it's not going back on the truck. I had the BTS in my truck with a stock fuel system so the hard lines to the bowl were cut and extended to make it work.
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No just the kit as you would buy it from BTS designed to re-use the existing stock pump on the truck.
Hey Slowleak I'd check your prices again. 2 pump kit is 2400 plus 200 core. That makes 2600 if you keep your old pump.
Well the BTS kit is a twin pump it just re-uses your stocker in the stock location. For the record there has been a price drop on them. They are 2400 new. Plus instlation if you go there. As for the termy they are what I stated puls they now have options. :) I'll take the first 2100 offer that comes to the table. you pay shipping and Insurance.
Well Since this is not moving I'll drop the price to 2k with 2 pumps and a new IPR. The Second pump has about 30K on it. It was replaced @ 98k on my truck. This means that it's a full bolt on BTS with all the fixins and 2 pumps. One pump has 6k on it the other has 30k. :gun:
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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