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not sure if this is where to put these but i have a bunch of superduty rotors. all 2wd. i need to check the part numbers but the years are from 00 to 07 and maybe a couple 08. i have one set of dually front rotors i think. i would have to look at them. they are all have one brake job on them. i got them from work and the mec only changes the rotors. doesnt bother to turn them. i would like to get 25 plus shipping for the front roaters and if you want i will have them turned for 15 more.
there are also some rear rotors in there as well. for those ill take 20 plus shipping. ill turn those also for 15 more.

for the dually rotors i want 45 plus shipping and ill turn them as well. have to check on pricing for that.


if you want one send me a pm i will check after work to see what they are supposed to fit. im not holding on to these too long. ill keep them a few days then ill get rid of them. let me know.

thanks anthony
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