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Brake replacement instructions

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hi guys

I am going to be replacing the brakes within the next week.

1.Does anyone know if the brake replacement procedure is different then the other superduties?

2. Does anyone know where I can find instructions online to replace the brakes on a F550? (i came up dry)

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If your calipers are fine, do not replace them. They should last the lifetime of the truck. If you want to replace something extra, replace the slide pins.

Andrew, if you are going to work on your own truck, go buy a good manual. It will give you directions for everything. The manual mod is the first mod any owner of any vehicle should do.

When I sell a vehicle, the manual goes with it. Also can be used to cushion spare tire and jack noise and a good place to store it.

Well, not in our trucks. Really, buy a manual.
Grease the slides\pins, bleed the system.
Correct. Actually, I believe all of them have at least RABS, some have 4WABS.
Never seen one without at least RABS. Call them and talk to them.
I was helping out at one of our stores today, they had a rookie on a register. This guy would not quit asking questions and then he would make dumb, not paying attention mistakes. I called him Andrew once, everyone asked why. After I explained it, his name is now Andrew.
Thanks Andrew!
OK, Andrew, I take it back. Good job helping out a fellow member.
If you are going to replace anything just because you are worried it might hurt the brakes. Replace the caliper slide pins and the caliper mounting bracket. They are where the problems happen. Clean the pins, clean the pin bores and call it good.
Check out the rest of Guzzles site while you are at it. You can learn a ton. Pay attention to the stuff in the left hand margin also.
1 - 8 of 60 Posts
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