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So heres the deal. Over the past 3 years I have had calipers freezing at the rapid rate. I dont know exactly which part is causing this problem, as the truck is old and is a bit of a rust bucket. The truck is going to be mine long term and i want this problem solved for good. I believe that the master cylinder or the rubber parts of the brake lines are the likely culprits from all the research ive done so far... so a new master cylinder is going in today. and new stainless lines are getting ordered... here is likely what ill be changing.

- All hard brake lines to stainless braided teflon hose, painted ni-copper hard line or stainless line (part of the end result desired is good looks!)

- Replace the rubber caliper to hardline hoses with stainless braid teflon hose

- new master cylinder

here are my questions....

1 - what is the max psi of the braking system? From what I understand its under 2000PSI but I havent found solid proof of that.
I am looking at two different types of TEFLON STAINLESS BRAIDED HOSE.
-one from a big name company rated to 3000psi that is 3x the price of the latter
-another from a bulk distributor rated to 2500psi that is about 1/3 the price of the big name stuff

want this to be cost effective as well... and if it will do for me I REALLY want to use the 2500psi stuff because then i can afford to run the entire brake system with braided hose to save me the hours of bending, plus it will be reusable for another system later.....

just need to know opinions on whether the 2500 psi rated stuff will do... from my searching, both lines have teflon cores and will work fine with the brake fluid.

2 - Are there any higher quality master cylinders i could look into or will anything from the corner autoshop do fine?

3 - if anyone knows any of the connection sizes for the AN fittings i will need you will save me some time

4 - currently over the rear axle the hard brakeline splits from what seemed to be 3/16 line into something much smaller maybe 3/32 to go to each caliper.... would i hurt anything by simply running the 3/16 line from the master to a T- that splits into 3/16 lines going to each caliper?
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