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Hey Guys

I have a 05 Excursion with 6.0 that will crank but not turn over. Had an issue about a week ago were truck would bog down when i hit the gas so I cleaned the EGR valve and it ran fine for a week. Jumped on highway and truck kind of stumbled then shut off. Pull over waited couple minutes and it turned back on, so i drove back home. Next day pulled EGR valve and saw o-rings were peeling so i replaced them and cleaned EGR again. Put everything back together but she would not start. I tested the FICM and meter read 47.5 but i have read FICM could still be bad.

Today for the hell of it i tried to turn the truck and it almost started but tuned back off.

I am posting here as i am hoping i could find some one in northern illinois who could lend me their code scanner for couple minutes to pull codes. I am in Buffalo Grove (northwest suburb of Chicago).
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