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So the local lube shop used starter fluid after failing to bleed the fuel lines appropriately. Needless to say the whole engine is shot. I'm a daily driver sometimes tower and don't mind going down the track on occasion. So with that being said I don't think I need to build a 1000+ HP truck but If we're going to be machining the engine why not perform a competition build with the exception of a less aggressive cam? Looking at Kill Devil heads, dual fueler, FASS etcc and a new compound set up.
1. am I correct in thinking that having too much HP will be useless for a daily driver that tows on occasion? If so what is the fun usable limit? I'd hate to hook up to a flat bed with a skid steer on it only to get hot running down the interstate.
2. Thoughts on the best compound arrangement?
3. Let a machine shop do the build or just by a stage 3 short block with a stage 2 cam from River City Diesel (other suggestions welcome)?
4. If I baby this thing will my stock tranny hold up until I can get the $$ for a new one? Figure this repair all in is gonna be around $30K
5. I've been running an H&S with the 300HP program with the intake and exhaust mods. Any ideas what our wheel HP was with this? I'm trying to gauge how it feels now with what it might be like when built.
6. Can you buy too big a lift pump?
7. Can you go to big on the injectors?

thanks to all
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