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blower motor is weak as heck

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Anyone ever have your blower motor not blow very hard? Mine increases speed on every click low to high, but I think I could fart harder than this thing blows. Any input appreciated. My fan is new.
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Does it _sound_ as weak as it feels? If it also sounds weak, then I would investigate it electrically. If it sounds like it's blowing hard, esp on HIGH, but coming out weak, I would suspect a restriction somewhere.

Does it make a difference what "mode" (vent, floor, defrost) is selected? Have you particularly checked if there's significant air coming out the windshield defrost ports?
It does sound kind of weak. All of the vents work correctly and all blow equal. I can barley keep my windows defrosted. What might a guy check for electrical?
Anyone ever have your blower motor not blow very hard?
Yeah sometimes my wife... oh wait you mean truck.

Check the blender box. I've had/seen incidents where a pen gets into it and locks it into a position, or seals off something. That or maybe the fan isn't getting enough power, those are your two biggest options.
So best bet is checking voltage going to the motor
A couple things to look into:
I was looking into this years ago on because I was having the same issues (despite proper voltage to the new blower motor). A number of people said they had the same problem, and it turned out their A/C evaporator was covered in junk (one guy said it looked like a large animal died and rotted on top of it).

I never checked my evaporator because my issue has been on and off. Lately I have noticed that if it isn't blowing well on defrost setting, I turn it to floor, then back to defrost, and it starts blowing well. This leads me to believe my issue lies with one of the under dash vacuum lines or one of the vacuum actuators.

I checked voltage and all is well. Going to check the evaporator next.
Also check the blower resistor.
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