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Block Heater

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My truck did not come with engine block heater and it can get pretty cold here in the Northwest. How hard is it to install one?
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Ya it always starts for me, just like to complain (ie smoke). Pluggin it in is like putting a blankie on him when its cold :D
HMMMM.. Well I did the 6.0 intercooler and 6.0 tranny cooler and was looking for the plug but could not find it. I have had my tranny out as well as installed new turbo and twin HPOPs. I have installed a new water pump and other mods and have never seen a plug for a block heater.. :nutswinger:
Ok thanks Fast Ashley. I'll go take a look when the wife bring it back.
Crap sorry, I fat-fingered the keybored.. Fast Ashley
Try looking behind the drivers sie tow hook. It will have a cover on the blades so its not easy to just feel for it. Its a black plug with a black cover.

Mark Brown
I finally found it. It was in fact hidden behind the drivers side fog lamp tucked behind another wire.. Thanks for the tip there.. Now I can keep her warm this winter..
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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