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Blacked out 6in Rize Radius Arm Drop Down Suspension Kit and Steering Stabilizer Kit
This is a barely used lift off my brother's 2009 Ford Super Duty. He had it on for 10,578 miles and then he sold his truck and took off this lift. I bought it from him and I blacked it out to use for my 2011 Super Duty but unfortunately most suspension lift companies (Rize, Icon, Pro Comp) are telling me that the 2008-2010 supension lifts won't work on the 2011 They have not 100% confirmed this but my gut feeling says I should sell this and get a new kit that will fit.
All my newly sand blasted and Glossy Black Powder Coated parts are still packaged up and Protected and have not been installed or used. All shocks have been Triple Spray Painted with Automotive Gloss Black.

Please look at pictures and everything you see in them that's either white or gray is now Gloss Black. I have taken a picture of the radius Arm Drop Bracket but everything is packaged.

Are you Tired of Rize's Gray color only option. This is a Great deal. Sand Blasting and Powder coating alone was $450. This finish will out last Rize's finish hands down. Rize doesn't even sand Blast their kits before powder coating and clearing them.

Sand Blasted and Glossy Black Powder Coated
6 inch Radius Arm Drop Down Kit 2008-2010 Super Duty
Part Number 410-306-082

6 inch radius arm drop kit for the 2008 thru 2010 Ford Super Duty 4wd. This complete kit offers 6 inches of lift, a super quick install, a great ride, and the undisputed Rize Industries visual impact. This kit is perfect for dealerships, sportsman, farmer/rancher, company work trucks, or the enthusiast who is on a budget but still wants a sweet lift for their ride.

Kit can be installed in less than 3 hours, and will easily clear 37-inch tires.

Kit comes with:
(2) Coil Springs
(2) Radius Arm Drop Brackets
(1) Track Bar Relocation Bracket
(1) Track Bar Relocation Bracket Support Gusset
(1) Panhard Rod Drop Bracket
(1) Panhard Rod Drop Bracket Support Gusset
(2) Sway Bar Drop Brackets
(1) Drop Pitman Arm
(2) 6 inch tapered Rear Blocks
(1) Emergency Brake Cable Extension Tab
Front & Rear Brake Line Relocation Brackets
All Necessary Grade 8 Hardware, U-Bolts & Detailed Instructions
-2 Front and 2 Rear Gas Shocks (Triple Spray Painted with Automotive Gloss Black)
All nuts, bolts and Install hardware are placed in detailed labeled bags that match the instructions, so install would be simple.

Sand Blasted and Glossy Black Powder Coated
Ford Super Duty Dual Steering Damper Part Number 430-300-032
(Professioanlly Powder Coated Black)
Also included are Radflow Dual Stabilizer Shocks (Triple Spray Painted Gloss Black)

The Rize Industries' Dual Steering Stabilizer mounting kit allows for installation of aftermarket steering stabilizers. This kit helps eliminate the infamous Ford Super Duty bump steer problem while improving the look of your truck.

$1325 picked up locally, I am located In Orlando Florida. I am willing to drive an hour for delievery. I am losing money on this already so please no low ballers. Would like to sell this locally but if shipping is requested please understand this kit is heavy and Freight Shipping would probably cost $200 plus.


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Re: Blacked out 6in Rize Radius Arm Drop Down Suspension Kit and Steering Stabilizer


I bought this kit from vrsc about a month ago. I have had a change of heart and decided to go ahead and keep the 4.5" Icon that is on my truck, so I am putting this up for sale. The kit is exactly as vrsc decribed in the first post. I have absolutely done nothing to this kit but bring it to Texas from Florida. (I take that back, I rewrapped all the powder coated pieces) It is all packaged nice and neat in a tupperware box.

I am looking to get what I paid out it. I am not trying to make anything off of it, just pass it on. I bought it for $1325.00 plus $100.00 for vrsc to help get it to Destin Florida. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me. If you need any references, I am sure vrsc will help me out. Thanks for looking.

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Re: Blacked out 6in Rize Radius Arm Drop Down Suspension Kit and Steering Stabilizer

Kit has been sold.
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