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My 6" lift kit came with a dual front mount and 4 Bilstein 5100's (F4-BE5-6245-H5) The shock bodies are are rather corroded and the rubber bushings have seen better days so while I am waiting on new collars to mount the dual front shocks I was considering throwing (4) new ones in there.

Upon searching for the replacements I found that one of the distributors list the F4-BE5-A464-H7 model (for dual front applications).

Question is do I run whats in there now, the F4-BE5-6245-H5 or the F4-BE5-A464-H7 listed for dual fronts. I only noticed on site with these when I was browsing but I was really just matching up part numbers and all.

Off topic but have any of you clear coated the shock bodies? I know that the Icon shocks are "more corrosion resistant" But are also significantly more... this is primarily a road truck but I HATE the look of rusted or corroded shocks Was thinking about a few coats of clear coat? Any ideas?

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