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So I hope this doesn’t make me look dumb cause I missed something, lol.

I didn’t see that Bilstein made a 5100 shock for the rear of a stock height Excursion? I was seeing there was a 5100 with 3-5” lift and a 4600 for the stock ride height.

Some where along the way in a forum I thought I saw that a person used the Bilstein 5100 (24-186025). I added them to my amazon cart so I wouldn’t forget. Along the way I forgot to check the shock number and ordered what I had selected for the front and rear. The front (33-187297) went in great, no problem! While getting ready to install the rear I noticed the factory shocks were not the same as what I ordered. The ones on the truck have a bracket that mounts to the frame.... Damn the one I got don’t, they mount to a stud. I should have done some research.

I looked at the one I bought and the one already there. I notice the tube length was the same and the shaft was only a half inch longer.

So I thought, ‘hey I wonder if I can just pull out the bracket!’ Which with a little WD40 and a hammer came out real easy, rubber and bracket. The rubber was good and soft to be reused.

Then on the Bilstein I figured what the hell let’s pound out that rubber bushing too!

I was able to then take the bracket from the factory shock and with a little grease, push it into the Bilstein bushing housing. I had to use a vice since I didn’t have a press but it slid right in.

Then I installed them on the truck. So far no problems and now I’ve got 5100’s all around!

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