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So I have been getting ready to buy a solutions kit and have it installed. But I looks like I'm going to need it sooner rather than later.

Drove the truck lastnight around 9pm got home and has been sitting ever since.
Carpooled to work this morning and didn't notice anything leaking from my truck. Then get home around 5 and there is a big puddle of coolant or something leaking from above the transmission and under my exhaust. Right by the passenger side of the Y pipe.

I looked on top of the engine and did not notice anything to be wet. Checked the blue hose piece from the egr cooler. I can't tell where the leak is starting from.

Maybe my egr is leaking somewhere.?

Truck is a 2004 f250 6.0 build date 11/03
Has upgraded head studs not sure if they are arp


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check the heater hose area at the heater bypass also

a dry paper towel on your fingers can help locate the wetness

I have had some that would seal under psi and only leak when shut down or found using a vacuum but those were small leaks

good luck !
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