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I've searched the site and all of the posts throughout the years....and it seems like the company's that make, sell, and refurbish heads come and go over time. Some are good, some are bad.....some get castings from overseas, some get castings from Ford, some do's all over the board.

As of right now....2018, where is the best place to get a set of stock 6.0 heads that are either new, or refurbished, and that will LAST? I know you can them them on ebay, on Amazon, from Jeg's , from Summit, from all kinds of diesel shops.....what's good, better, best, and horrible stay away?? I don't need ones that are fire ringed, o-ringed, ported, or any other performance mods done to them. I just want a set of good, strong, reliable..."Better than Ford OEM" heads. These are going on a farm truck/camper towing truck.....I just need something reliable. I'm not going to be putting huge power to them.....I just want to do this once, and not have any issues again.

I'm getting ready to pull my heads to do head gaskets and studs. If the machine shop finds cracks in my heads, or they are too warped to machine flat...I want to have some sources lined up so that I can quickly order some new heads and get them on their way so I'm not out of a truck for very long.

Thanks guys!!
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