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BB Turbo

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What companies are making BB replacement turbos other than TN and Garrett?
How do they stack up to handling boost pressures?
Will they last awhile?
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no, the h2e is not a bb and neither is the big bad wolf. they are both thrust bearing.
as charles said, garrett and tn make the drop in bbs with the tn being released soon hopefully.
yup, i think they share most of the same parts, i heard something like ~65% once but am not sure
how bout the ats aurora 5000? 60~70lb boost
I saw a kit a while back but they seemed to vanish

but seems like lott and bunting were looking at those a while back.
brian ran an A5K... wound up going to turbonetics. as for dave, i am not sure.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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