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my name is mario, i am from vienna/austria. My truck is a 2004 F350 6.0. These trucks are not very common in Austria, so nobody knows how the work really...
Have a problem with my charging system with dual alternators. When I cold start the truck, after around 30sec the battery warning light comes on, stays for 30sec to 1 min and turns off. Just when cold start the truck, when engine is warm, no problem.
Already changed the lower alternator because I had some volts when I did a voltage drop test on the ground side.
Problems started with a mouse or something like this living in the area of my turbo und are some of the isolation on the top wall of the turbo. From then the battery light came on. Then FICM sueded, reason was a short to ground on the main board. So I had to change the FICM. Battery light stayed on. Did a drop test on the alternators and found volts on the ground side of the lower alternator, changed it. Problems still there.
I am scared the I kill my FICM again...
Any ideas?
Thanks for your help

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I can count on less than one hand how many professionals know what voltage drop actually is and how to use it. So kudos.

Obviously you voltage dropped the power side too right?

Do you have an amp clamp?

Lastly, I'd be more inclined to think a bad battery at first, simply from the light coming on when cold and turning off shortly afterwards. You did load test the batteries yes?
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