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​ DieselDC;6124405 said:
Okay take a breather...

First off, you should have purchased the hydra. Can’t change that now. You would have enjoyed easy tune updates via email or use the ones they have online.

Tell the tuner what you told us and have them make adjustments since you paid for the custom tunes...

My recommendations to you now are to get a transmission cooler if you haven’t already done so, and purchase a custom accumulator valve body from BTS.DIESELSITE.JW.SamWyse. - any vendor will be fine. Both will make your Transmission last a hell lot longer and shift a lot better. A valve body requires retune to omit the “stock VB” for “modified vb”.

~Don’t overthink something simple~
...:uptight people suck:...

I’m breathing sir. My comment may be long winded but that’s only because in my line of work, the more info I have = easier all around to do job.

And yes...I’ve been reminded on a consistent basis, should have went hydra....

I’m hoping I can talk the guy who did my tune in to doing a retune for whoever, if anyone, buys my ts 6. I also have a banks big hoss I need to get rid of that came on the truck.

With the prayerful proceeds going towards a damn hydra so the comments will stop LOL

So back to the tranny. I have no idea when the last service was done and truck is right at 194k. I was planning on doing a trans flush + upgraded transmission pan. Guess this would be a good time to do the valve body and maybe a complete rebuild, truck funds willing....

I do not have an upgraded trans cooler so that was going to happen too. I have a trans temp gauge and I want to say it was close to its “normal” operating range when I hit the hill. I’m wondering if I missed a banks trans controller that mounts under cab and hidden next to trans. I looked half hearted on a couple of different occasions since purchasing. There is a good chance it’s where banks says it should be, considering the Banks catalog covering any upgrade by previous owner. But the heat shield isn’t the same as what they describe.
The banks TransLock i did find makes me think that bastard thing is under there for sure.
I’d appreciate any advice on this (location, keep/toss, removal, etc)

So here is my dilemma, which is the same for all and any purchases. I have a parts/upgrade list. This list has a order of completion based on mainly cost/benefit. I had the hydra on this list, but I jumped on the ts I purchased for what I felt was a decent price ($100.00) + Local pickup and the standard flash&tune ($75) since I’d soon be going hydra. Unfortunately, after getting tuner, I talked myself in to an extra $100 for custom tunes. Now I’m not sure what to do next. I have upgraded injectors as my next big purchase. Injectors should be included in a retune, if I’m keeping TS 6.

I know I’m all over but I’m trying to take advantage of the first members reply’s for the few forums I have this same post on. I really do appreciate the time anyone spends responding to this post.

FYI.....I’ve spent a lot of time, on many different websites/forums/ YouTube videos trying to learn all I can about my first 7.3.....I do this with everything from purchasing a new tape measure to available wiring diagrams (Just in case) I need them down the road. So I hope no one feels used for an easy answer by another new guy to lazy to type in a search bar. It’s the exact opposite! I appreciate any direction/feedback.

Damn I wrote another novel.

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As DieselDC mentioned the first thing you should do is contact your tuner to see what adjustments they can make based on your explanation. First, though, I would ask them about their update policy. Vendors are all over the board with this. Some do 1 month, some a year, and some as long as you own the truck.

Unfortunately, no matter what, this requires you to pull the chip and mail it to them to reburn. If the tuning is the issue that's better than rebuilding a transmission.

Has it done it since or is that the only time it has done that? Have you tried to reproduce it? Could you? Have you checked the fluid level? Is it dark or smell burnt?

I hauled about 600 lbs of tools and parts around for a month or so and the truck was noticeably different in its response.

There's nothing wrong with a 6-pos chip. I had one for years with no issues. If my truck was still mostly stock I would still have it. When I went to aftermarket injectors I felt it was a must-have so that I would not have any down time (call the tuner, get the tunes, download the tunes, install the tunes, the drive).
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