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Banks Power Elbow Questions

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Hey All,

Working on the exhaust for the F450 - 7.3. I purchased the Banks Power Elbow setup figuring it would be an easy add-on install - not quite. The cast elbow portion replaces the exhaust port portion of the turbo - including the EBP valve which will kill the flapper before the exhaust pipe. So here are my questions:

1) Will I need to replace the pedestal for the turbo? They do sell a non-EBP valve version - thinking this is a no-brainer, but asking anyway as I have already installed the turbo and up-pipes which will have to come back off

2) EBP Valve - is this only for warm-up and then stays open as soon as warmed up? Will there be issues in cold weather as I am in PA? I did also purchase a turbo controller so a faster idle is achievable for warm-up.

3) Engine Management - will this elimination cause the engine light to come on / stay on or is it an eliminate / forget about it kind of fix?

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated . . .


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I’ve deleted my EBPV via a Garrett high flow tail housing and a non EBPV pedestal. The Banks power Elbow does much the same.

It will throw a soft code unless you do something to make the plug to control the EBPV happy, but it won’t throw a check engine light. I believe I wired in a 4? Ohm resistor to it, but I don’t remember exactly.

I personally would do the deleted pedestal because it cleans up the engine bay and eliminates a source of oil leak.
An upgraded turbo/downpipe actually defeats the need for the power elbow. It's easier and really not that expensive, plus upgrades more. I put a KC300x stage 1 turbo on (with a non ebp pedestal) and a 4" downpipe on my F450. The upgraded turbos also have a 4 inch inlet for the inducer side. Best way to go IMO. Or a GTP38R if you can afford it. You can put a resistor in the connector for the ebp pedestal to keep the code from throwing. I think it was 2.5 ohm or 3 if I recall. I'll have to check.
That being said, you can still install the elbow and not use an ebp deleted pedestal, but as already said, it wouldn't make sense to have it there if not in use. It can become a major leak quickly. It's not hard to pull the turbo on these and you will want to to install the elbow anyway. Pretty hard to do it in the truck. But if you do it that way, I suppose you can leave the pedestal plugged in and avoid the code.
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Hey All,

Thanks for the replies. The engine/trans are sitting in the frame with no cab, so it's not difficult to remove the turbo again. I have already ordered the EBP delete pedestal, so that should take care of that. There was a sensor bypass connector in the parts bag that I missed originally as it was small and black - it's purpose is to close the loop so no codes pop up. That should take care of that potential issue.

The Power Elbow was highly recommended by a friend who installed one on his F350, so I dropped the coin on it. The down pipe had different bends than the stock pipe due to the elbow having a larger radius than the stock pipe bend coming out of the turbo. So I am using the Power Elbow down pipe and then the Diamond Eye 4" exhaust, which will be 3.5" for the first 2' (Power Elbow down pipe) and then 4" to the back. Not ideal, but I purchased all these parts a while ago and now I am making them work together - sorta.
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