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Hi All
Ford 2003 e350 super duty 7.3 turbo

Long story short driving down baja we got some bad diesel with water and other crap in it. Caused the truck to sputter and not run. We figured it out got the fuel cleared out and a new filter, we are on the 3rd tank of fuel from different sources. It now runs fine with one problem. Every morning(the temp outside is mid 50's or warmer) when I turn the key it does not act normal. First, all the lights on the dash come on and the IDM clicks, the wait to start light does not come on. The dash lights turn off and clicking stops. I try again and it starts up normal and runs fine all day. It also gives a bunch of error codes. If I clear the codes they do not show up again the rest of the day and it runs and starts normally. Here is a video of it this morning

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