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B&W Companion 18k Hitch broken READ THIS

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FYI if you have an 18k B&W Companion hitch. Remove it from your truck flip it over and check the welds. Mine broke the rearmost crossmember welds. B&W IS A STAND UP COMPANY I called them and no questions asked replaced it for free. The guy said they have had a couple do this. I will ALWAYS RECOMMEND there products to everyone. It was the easiest warranty I have ever completed.
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Nice but what if you weren't so observant how bad could that get ??
It started to creak while towing. Anyone whom owns one of these you know that they bought it because they are COMPLETLY Silent. NO popping, pinging, creaking noises. Its still the best hitch on the market HANDSDOWN.
the 18k and 20k are incredibly similar in design, is this something that could happen on the 20k as well? i suppose its just good practice to always inspect equipment... i love my 20k companion. b&w is a fantastic company
The 18k and the 20k base is different. My 20k looks to be better built as far as engineering goes. But I am no engineer. It looks stoughter.
I was about the get a 26K from them, but now I need to dig a little more. Thanks for heads up.
Good to know. I just got the new 20k. Haven't pulled with it yet. My other slider hitch made so much noise it was very nerve wracking.
Did the weld break or metal next to the weld? My guess is cheap Mexican or Chinese steel!
Do you have pics? I'm a certified welder for 24 years and sure would like to see this.
Did the weld break or metal next to the weld? My guess is cheap Mexican or Chinese steel!
My vote is this...weld broke from the base metal. Every tool i have ever broken has been cheap import steel. I shudder to think about Americas bridges and buildings being built with this garbage. Grainy, like potmetal, sometimes.
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