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Axle Question...

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The 2WD truck I am driving right now I think has a LS rear end, a few questions...

1. The 10.5 is on all superdutys correct? Whether 2WD or 4WD? (thinking axle swap)

2. What is easier, swaping axles or swaping the diff's???

This is all assuming the rear end is a 3.73 ratio...
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Duallys had the Dana 80 like the Dodge or the old F450 (Superdutys).
I think you might just be better off swapping the axles. It's harder for us around here just due to the amount of rust we get on everything. Look for a tag on the the diff cover & look for 3.73 or 4.10 somewhere on it. If you can't find the tag just drive it, what are the RPMs in 4th gear (OD) going 55mph? A set of 3.73 will usually run 1600rpm or so. A set of 4.10s will run about 1900rpm or so.
that diff isnt a dropout pumpkin,it would take a guy that knows rearends about 4-5 hrs to pull the old one and install and set tollerences,thats if you understand what you are doing....
Only tools needed for that are 1-2 extra guys, torches, impact wrench, 6 pack, jack, jack stands, spare axle & a few hours.
can swap the 2wd for free...
Go for it, it will help out over the one wheel wonder.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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