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When your ride leaves the factory walls, its computer is already calibrated for the average driver, who only uses allowable horsepower and torque, and don't expect any superior results. But if you consider yourself as performance enthusiast and always want to get the maximum from your Ford this post is for you.

There can be many ways to achieve better performance from your vehicle. One of the fastest and most effective is Livewire TS Performance Programmer & Monitor by SCT Performance. It comes pre-loaded with dyno-proven performance tune files that will unlock your vehicle’s performance potential, and downloading one to your vehicle is as simple as plugging the unit into your vehicle’s OBD II port with the included cable and following the easy to navigate instructions on the full color 4” touch screen display. In minutes your vehicle will be making more horsepower and torque, with improved throttle response and firmer shifts, and even get better fuel mileage.

Sounds fishy? Check out this promo video:

Livewire TS Performance Programmer has too many advantages to describe in one post. Read them all here: SCT Performance® - Livewire TS Performance Programmer & Monitor

Feel free to leave your comments and inquires below, stock is selling out fast!
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