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Auto Trans options besides total rebuild

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i have a friend that recently aquired a 2000 F350 Crew Long Auto with 113K miles
right now it is bone stock with the expection of a 4 inch TB Exhaust and Gauges
he is most likely goin to get a DP Tuner
but he was wondering what to do with the trans? he cant dump $4k into a built trans so what is a good road to go down?
We have a ATS Dealer 4 hours away so it would be nice to stay with them if they are quality
so which direction should i piont him?
control box?
whats the co pilot option?
what about a upgraded valve body? what do they do?
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You can have Jody program the chip to keep the converter locked which will help slow the truck. You can also lock-out O/D on decel which will also help slow the truck. Those are about the only things you can do other than turn your EBPV into a brake or buy a real ex brake.
You can also have Jody program to keep the converter locked on downshifts to hold you back :D

It's sooo coooool!!!! Just like an alison :rockwoot:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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