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auto hub conversion

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Hey guys I'm going to swap my auto hubs out for warn manual hubs and i was wondering if i should do a write up on it while I'm at it. I'm changing them out because they keep locking in while i make tight turns i don't know if anyone else has had this problem before but i think swapping them out should fix it
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Good idea, just be aware you need two different sockets to remove/reinstall the locknuts since they are different between the manual and auto. I did the swap and have been very happy since.
yeah Dave you were right i needed a 2 3/4 socket and a 3/4 ton ford 4x4 socket. It was so easy i didn't even bother doing the write up. I highly recommend this to all the guys with the auto lock hubs its soo easy to do and if you ever have to replace a front axle u joint in a D50 because of the hubs not coming unlocked you'll know what im talking about it only took about an hour from start to test drive
The spindle nut with autos is easy to remove by tapping it with a hammer and screwdriver. They aren't on that tight. Since it isn't reused IMO there's no need for two sockets.
I've done four of these swaps and have had zero difficulty removing the auto hub spindle nut with this method. Why buy a tool you'll never use again?
i was lucky and had access to both sockets so i didnt have to buy them
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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