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August GTG in Greenville, SC

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Well, it seems that onefastgranny is coming to Greenville, SC the weekend of August 17-19 for some educational purposes and she wants to hang out and beat up on some ricers and smoke a few mustangs. :ford:

I have wanted to put together a photo shoot for some time and would like to see who's interested in an afternoon/evening of trucks and fun of hanging out and meeting some folks.

I have a tentative location for the photo shoot but am open to suggestions from locals who can arrange proper clearance as required.

This would happen Saturday, August 18th beginning around 3-ish and go until . . . well, until the mosquito ricers have been exterminated.

Post up if you're interested enough to show up.

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What do you need done with the IC pipes?


I was wondering if there was going to be a Smokin' this Fall if we couldn't set up a shoot that weekend, especially if we can talk some publication folks into being there.

Thanks for the replies!


Seems my welder/painter just got diagnosed with a fractured T-12 vertebrae so I can't help you with the welding part of things (unless you have really thick steel that crane fabricators can't screw up). Those boys can weld anything as long as it's 3/8" thick or more.

e-mail me @ plainredtruckATyahooDOTcom for more info about location. It's still up in the air waiting for more input. The losers over at TDS haven't bothered responding yet.


Looking forward to meeting you.

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