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I'm trying to get a track or dyno day together in June with Rick from Amazon Tuning Solutions tuning for us. We still working on the rough details of everything but we need at least 6 vehicles for Rick to tune before he will make the trip. Rick tunes everything, Chevy, Dodge, Fords, and of course diesels. Here is the tune pricing and info.

tuning fee- $250 flat rate no matter how long it takes-everyone pays this fee

if you are not an Amazon customer you can also purchase our custom tuning option which is unlimited tunes,unlimited support and free revisions for as long as you own the vehicle no matter what you add to it..we usually charge $185 for this option but for this event it will be $125

we can make arrangements for you to purchase a hand held tuner or chip if you need one and the custom tuning option is included in the price
tuners-$379 chips $300

each person will pay their own dyno time directly to the shop

travel expenses are equally divided between all participants and should be around $50-60 per person

cut off date is June 1st

you will need to contact [email protected]( 864 332 0955)
to secure a spot on the tuning list CC info will need to be given.. nothing will be charged until a later date and notification will be given when that will be

Feel free to PM or email me. Can also join

Any interest in getting Rick from ATS to come tune for a day? - The Stang Gang of Arkansas

for the latest info and updates. Thanks

[email protected]

And if yall are on any other forums feel free to spread the word and send em this link.
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