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Has anyone heard any news? Their website still claims that they will be there soon.
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I was told by one of the Forum Sponsors that they didn't expect to have anything to sell from Apex until the first quarter of next year.
Woh! That tells me they are trying to square up the legal side...The tech side should be H&S II.
I'm hoping it will be a Happy New Year!!
Wish they would get the lead out as i need to turn my turd into a torpedo,im in no big rush to drive it as its just a hoe hum affair nothing [email protected],never imagined 440hp&860ftlb could be so freaking boring,i could only imagine with a lift&tires itll bore me to tears.
My '15 driving stock reminds me of my 6.0 with Pmax before adding some other mods. Needs a little bottom end to get it moving, up top it's running great. I have no expectations of instant acceleration on any turbo diesel. It's meant to tow/haul not drag race for time slips.
My buds older cummins will roast all 4 35's till he decides to give mercy&my new 15 powerstroke will barely brake 1 tire loose for just enough time to notice it&his dodge will haul anything he hooks to it,oh ive got the cheesy 17's so i should be able to turn them&it wouldnt climb a [email protected] hunting spot that my old hunting rig(03 chevy silverado-factory stock non z71) did effortlessly,these trucks are huge turds cant wait to get into a real truck&it wont be a ford.I have had 7 new fords since 2011 so its not that im anti ford just anti junk.I had thought it could be modded to perform but thats not looking good either.#feeling disappointed
CH, you've owned 7 Fords in the last 4 years... That's almost 2 a year... Outstanding!
Yes indeed i have plus a 12 camaro ss/rs vert triple black 6sp man.&an 11 malibu ltz pearl white.The fords were 11,12,13,14 mustangs,14 focus,13 f150 fx4&15 f250 powerstroke 4x4 xlt to be exact,im kind of a car nut.thx i think.
So if these trucks were huge turds then why did they out run and out pull the Cummins and are neck and neck with the Duramax! My 2014 stock is by no means a turd, sure the excel on the take off isn't a whip lasher but compared to my 7.3 I think it runs great. My dads 6.7 pulls his 46 ft enclosed car trailer with his drag car in it like its not even there at 75 mph.
Its a turd in my opinion&hauling that is something the old early 90's cummins did,it just took forever to get there,as a collection agent i almost died in two dodge turbo diesels because they were HUGE turds,these are alot better turds but still turds just the same.
HAHAHAHA. Although I don't think mine is a huge turd and runs great I will admit before my truck was built from the factory I had envisioned it being a little quicker stock but I also realize that the truck weighs 8,000 lbs so thats a lot different than comparing it to the weight of my 69 chevelle. Now what was huge turd was my 2003 7.3 stock, I felt I could have peddled a bike along side of it lol but a tuner made a huge difference on the 7.3 and I hope it will when I put one on my 6.7.
We are talking stock vehicles here. Yeah compared to something that has thousands of dollars of performance parts on it it's gonna feel slow. I had an 02 cumm in that was all hopped up and my 15 stroker is about as fast but WAY more refined. Actually once the turbo is spooled up they hit the speed limiter deceptively fast for a stock 8000 lb truck.
You are right James, I have not been in a 6.7 that had a tuner on it but once I put my tuner on my old 7.3 it was like night an day. My 7.3 felt like it was a completely different engine. I also feell that the new trans are so much smoother than the 4R100 which also makes a difference in the way the truck feels. And I am sure the Cummins roasting all 4 tires had quite a bit of engine work done since a stock 5.9 and stock 6.7 Cummins will not roast all 4.
Sadly the 6.7 cummins HO that roast all 4 tires&can do both rears until he decides to let of of it is just tuned&deleted.I have faith that once these 15's have been out awhile mods will become available to put me ahead. Of him but for now im just dealing with it as is.
CH, put you ahead of what?
"blows all 4 tires off till HE lets out"... lol :doh:
Maybe I'm just getting older but why do you want to roast all 4 tires??? My last set was $1600. That's way to much just to burn it off on the pavement.
I'm good as long as they aren't my tires...<;-)
Im pretty sure i said will roast both rear tires till he let off&yes i saw it,it would roast all 4 but for how far im not sure.This was with factory big ram tires&yes its 100% true.he ran me in my modded 13 5.0 stang&i had to earn the win as he wasnt far behind me.The truck will flat out haul a§§ and its a supercab 4x4.tan looks like a grandpa truck lol.
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