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So after saving my pennies for a bit, I am waiting on my truck to come back from Rudy's Diesel here in Durham.

List of equipment:
Full bulletproofing (ARP studs etc)
Sinister coolant filter (not really a performance part but lol)
64MM Powermaxx turbo
175CC injectors
AirDog 165 fuel system
Driven Diesel regulated return
Rudy's up-pipes
EGR delete
4" turbo back exhaust
Banks Intercooler kit

Race tune by Eric @ Innovation, SCT tuner.

Previous mods: Bulletproof Diesel 58v FICM. Redhead steering gear.

Anyone running a similar setup? Ideas on what the final numbers may be?

(BTW - seeing a new transmission in my future. Currently running stock).

Can't wait to get it back and see what it can do!

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550...maybe 575. Rudy's should be able to dial it in pretty well. Sounds like a nice rig!!

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Sounds like a good setup, I will have to go ahead and tell you to just beware of the air dog 165 is a very very poor fuel system, there are numerous threads about failure rates and the pumps just not being about to maintain pressure. I only say this because I'm one of those with a bad experience with that system, yours may never have an issue just beware they aren't very reliable.
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