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I picked up an SCT X4 tuner for my truck. I noticed that the canned SCT tunes all have an option for adding a brake….either by keeping the torque convertor locked on deceleration, and/or by keeping the turbo spooled up on decal.

Also, I noticed custom tuners like IDP offer towing tunes with some sort of braking affect….but they don’t give any specifics on how they do it with their tune. I’m assuming they do it the same way SCT does….TC lockup and boost on decal by controlling the VHT.

Is it safe to run these types of tunes with the brake feature on them? Does keeping the TC locked on decel built heat or have any other adverse effects on the transmission? What about the keeping the vanes open so the turbo builds boost on decel……any issues with that?

Just trying to make sure it’s safe to use that feature with the canned/custom tunes… sure sounds like it would come in handy while towing my camper.

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