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Anyone in/near Rhode Island?

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Hey guys! It's getting cold soon and I still have a few things to do on my truck. I could use a spare hand. I've got a bar (Charlie Os) right down the block, and anyone who can turn a wrench gets a beer :evil

I've got most of the tools I need. I'm lacking in jackstands and I only have one jack. Otherwise I have pretty much anything I'd need for the work I've got to do.

-- Oh and if you need stuff done as well, yeah that's totally okay! I don't mind turning a wrench either.

Feel free to text guys, I don't come on all the time. 1-(five one six)-376-5656

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I live and work in warwick. I'm a tech at a local garage. What are you driving? What are you doing to the truck?
I grew up in Providence but now live in Southbridge MA, and work in Cranston..

I can turn a wrench and I do have some basic tools(impact, 6ton jack stands, 4 ton jack...)


nice to know another local. There are very few here.
Nice. What are you driving>? A co worker of mine lives right of off route 3 kind of near coventry pines.
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