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Oregon Coal Rollers - Index page (obviously more geared to the Oregon guys, but anyone is welcome)

These forums are both geared towards locals with any type of diesel. It would be cool to see more of you over there. I think it would help us to get more diesel enthusiasts together. Right now it seems most guys stick to forums pertaining to the specific make of their ride and as far as I'm concerned that needs to change. I'm going to post this on a few of the forums I frequent......or at least some I check up on from time to time lmao!

There's just too many to keep up with! If we would all just make a habit of participating in at least NWDiesels, your local state forum (most have them), and your favorite brand specific forum we'd be in alot better position to make some big things happen. I mean who isn't a little envious of the HUGE events they put on in the Midwest and back East?!

So sign up and introduce yourself.

Hopefully we'll see ya around.
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