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Another radiator core support discussion

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Hey guys. Getting more parts ordered for my truck to fix some rust this winter. I understand the gas supports will not work with our radiators. However is is possible to cut the lower hoop on my diesel one and remove the hoop on the gas one and weld the diesel one on a new gas support? From my research there is a 5" difference in height. I'm pretty good with a welder and can do some fab work. Here's a link to one i found on amazon and with prime I would be around $180. If anyone has done this and can post pictures that would be great.

OE Replacement Ford Radiator Support (Partslink Number FO1225122):Amazon:Automotive
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yes it cab be don't. you have to First have a good lower hoop, most are not.

Then you have to drill out all the spot welds form the lower hoop on each support, then weld the diesel hoop on to the new support

IIRC Delox did the exact thing on his bronco

Delox's Powerstroke Bronco Build - PowerStrokeNation : Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum
Thanks for the link Brad but I can't get any of the pictures to load. Have any other links ?
Have you searched LKQ? They are nationwide. I just searched my zipcode and there is a 96 core support. $387.
Have you searched LKQ? They are nationwide. I just searched my zipcode and there is a 96 core support. $387.
yeah and most of them will not ship, been there tried that
they should. There should be a lkq local to you. They will have it come from here to their facility. Only time they wont ship is if its not actually from lkq. They also access smaller salvage yards inventory. Then its up to the small salvage yard how they handle it. Usually you can get the number for that company from lkq rep and call them direct. And work out shipping with them.

I get parts from all over the country from them. But I also have a account so they pay the small companies for the part and ship it to me.
I have one 20 min from me And unless it is within their 5-6 yard circle, they don't get things in from other yards.

I get them from yards in Florida and my neighbor brings them to me. Then I ship them out to customers but shipping is about $200 for the last one I shipped to TN
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