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06 Harley with another no start,

FICM sync checks out, FICM has 11.5V on crank, FICM internal power has 48V, IPR is at 25%

Truck sprung a leak when it first wouldn’t start. Couldn’t figure out where it was from. Was fuel, not oil. I put power right to the HCFM and it runs fine. Suggestions?

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So this is a different truck or the same one you were having problems with, just started a new thread on it?

If it is the same one, you have already been advised to replace the central junction box because of the "built-in" relay.

As far as a fuel leak, I don't see how we can help locate it over the internet. At least not without a little help with the general location.

Leak points are:
Connection to fuel rails at heads
Plugs in the heads at the back of the heads
All connections to and from the regulator and secondary filter housing
Seals and gaskets on the regulator and secondary filter housing
Connections to and from the HFCM
Seals and gaskets on the HFCM
Fuel lines themselves (although unlikely)
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