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Hi all.

I don't even own a Powerstroke, but I get the pleasure of maintaining a fleet of them every day, so I have as many questions and answers as anyone, I guess.

Keeping 15 of them, ranging from mid 1990s to current, on the road, especially when most of them never leave the parking lot of the college I work for is sort of difficult. My main issue surrounds cam position sensors. Anyone else have that issue?

Otherwise, I'm into the off-road scene, am a co-founder of, have a great family, two sons, both grown and on their own (one is half owner of Moab Off-Road in Louisville!) and have been married for 30 years to the perfect wife.

I've done a bit of this and that in my life, from earning two patents in the hydraulic industry to driving big rigs over the road. I'm also an ASE master tech, an ex Snap On dealer, and a Baptist pastor... What a mix, huh...


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Nice, I still drive trucks (I have a 93 KW T-600 at the present but there is a long hood 379 flat top Pete. in my future just because it's what I want to drive LOL) and am leasing to Landstar right now I love freedom !
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