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Greetings to everyone. I'm a newbie to this forum, but have been searching and searching all of the forum sites looking for an in depth conversion build for a DT360 in a super duty. Ideally, I wanted to put it in a 08-10 model, but being in North Carolina, it will be too much of a pain to pass inspection without the ***. I currently have a 04 F250 shortbed, but will be stepping up to a F350 DRW to handle more towing. I am not looking for crazy numbers. Just a reliable workhorse and will want the luxury interior.

I have a bus down the road that I can get for $900. It is running with no issues. It belonged to the local YMCA, but was vandalized, so they have decided its time to upgrade to newer transportation. I have not officially verified the motor to be a 360, but I have the VIN from the bus and it matches to be a 93 International 3600. Specifically, its a Thomas Vista 3600, which from my searching, was only available with a DT 360 or 7.3 IDI from 92-94. It is definitely not the 7.3.

I know there have been a few guys over the years that have completed the swap. If you want to message me directly, or comment on here, I would love to have the information. The problem with the older builds is that I can no longer see any of the pictures. I also have not seen or read anything relating to motor mount location or if they need to be built. Building this truck has been approved by the wife, so now I just need to get a plan together, and execute. Instead of going out and spending $40-60k on a newer truck, I would rather invest my money in something that will be worth it. The 3 builds that I have through are pipewhiner, swamp, and coastal. If any of those guys would be willing to assist me, it would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone else has completed the build, please share any info that you are willing to offer.

Thanks for the help.

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